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From Fine Art Photo to Wearable Art

When I set Nature as the Pole Star to guide my fashion design work with VIDA, I began combing through my digital archives to find my most arresting images.  The old photographers’ proverb never proved truer: for every really good “hit,” there are 10,000+ “misses.” Fortunately, in the huge haystack of pictures from my travels to Delaware, I found the sharp needle that is this post’s “Featured Image” and the artwork now featured on my “Autumn’s Mirror” set of accessories.

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The VIDA Statement Bag, featuring bold, vivid prints, complete with genuine cow-hide leather straps, leather base, and trims, is the most coveted VIDA accessory of the year. The optical illusion of my “Bear Swamp Mirror” print—is it an abstract pattern or a natural illustration?—will turn heads and spark conversations – around town or across the world.
VIDA’s chic custom printed Leather Statement Clutch features a top zip closure and removable wristlet strap. This versatile accessory can be used as a wallet, tucked within the matching VIDA Statement Bag, or carried alone when you want to travel light.
With an opulent blend of Cashmere and Silk – featuring the optical illusions of my unique, stunning artwork – you can wear this beautiful scarf indoors or out, day or night, to elevate any wardrobe all season and year-long.

Please visit my VIDA website to see my complete collection of wearable art women’s and unisex fashions. The Gifting Season is coming!

New Adventures in Fashion Design!

I recently accepted the invitation of VIDA Design Studio to create a line of personal and home fashion products featuring my original digital images. I’ve enjoyed an inspiring first week in this exciting relationship, discovering new creative possibilities for making fresh art out of familiar photographs. I want my VIDA work to support the core mission of Changing Woman Photography: that is, to raise your mindfulness of our planet’s fragile natural beauty and its importance as our shared and only home.  When you buy and wear or use any of my VIDA creations, you support both my message of environmental conservation and VIDA’s mission “to rebuild commerce – for the mindful, global citizens of the modern world.”

Because having access to fresh, clean water is becoming an ever more pressing issue for nearly everyone, regardless of your situation in a “developed” or “developing” nation, I created the “Bubbling Water” fabric pattern for VIDA’s sleeveless top and yoga capri pants.

This top, cut with a flattering A-line and a rounded asymmetric hem, will make you look and feel effortlessly beautiful – day or night.

My “Bubbling Water Blouse” will be custom made in the size you specify upon order. The design appears only on the front of the blouse, but the solid white back assures this versatile piece will coordinate easily with other elements of your wardrobe.

Original artwork embellishes our four-way stretch, mid-rise printed capri pants designed to make you stand out at the gym, in the studio, or on the go. Each capri legging is hand-cut and made in California.

I made the “Bubbling Water” pattern by manipulating the size and colors of a flawed experiment at photographing bubbles in the turbulence where water fell into a pond. Say, isn’t that “upcycling,” turning trash into treasure?

My “Bubbling Water Capris” are also custom made to your size, but they feature the fabric pattern front and back.  I priced both pieces at the lowest retail allowed at VIDA, but VIDA’s flexible pricing system means that larger sizes pay more because more raw materials are used to manufacture the clothing. As a plus-sized, environmentally conscious woman, I’m learning to see that business model as fair for custom-made clothing.

I hope you follow this post’s links to my online studio at VIDA, to check out these “Bubbling Water” products and other fabric patterns and clothing styles I’m currently offering.  I also extend you an invitation to collaborate in creating your custom-made clothing by choosing a Changing Woman image you want to be featured on your purchase. You can use that website’s contact form to start our conversation about your project. Meanwhile, I’ll be using this blog to post updates as I learn more about working with VIDA.  Until next time!

Praying Mantis eggs: Really?

One good thing about the recent deep freeze in Las Vegas is that the cold temperatures slowed the development of buds on my backyard apricot tree and gave me time for much-needed pruning.  The day after the cold snap broke its grip, I got busy with my loppers and shears.  Pruning helps me get reacquainted with the tree.  I not only assess its overall condition and shape but also study each branch’s health and sturdiness.  This year, my intimate examinations were rewarded with this unusual discovery.

Why would praying mantises in Las Vegas make egg cases so different in appearance from egg cases made by mantises elsewhere?

Unfortunately, this egg case was deposited on a branch that required pruning from the tree: sticking straight up from its parent branch, it had crossed and was rubbing against another, better placed branch. I was about to add the severed branch to the waste pile when I reconsidered discarding the egg case. I wasn’t thinking “praying mantis,” but I didn’t want to destroy the next generation of some other beneficial insect.  After all, the point of buying beneficial bugs and setting them free in the yard is so that their population will become self-sustaining.  I needed to discover more information about this strange, yellowish attachment.

Fortunately, I found the Xtremehorticulture of the Desert blog and its feature article, “Praying Mantis Eggcase Confuses Reader.”  No, not me: count me happy, though, that I am not alone in failing to recognize local mantis eggcases.  The “Reader’s” photo (posted at the blog) and comment about finding the eggcase on a different variety of apricot tree reassured me about my own mantis find.

As a result, the offending branch has been woven back into the apricot tree’s canopy.  Hopefully, the mantid nymphs will hatch on schedule and find my yard a happy home.  I’m happy that gardening provides so many opportunities to learn something new about the world around us.