I made a jigsaw puzzle!

Actually, I uploaded my favorite Havana photo to thejigsawpuzzles.com and their software made the pieces.  It uses Flash to play, and it is challenging (and rewarding) to assemble:  give it a try!

Click here to download Adobe Flash Player for free.  For full screen display (makes easier solving), click the arrows in the lower-right corner of the puzzle frame.   Drag pieces into place by right-clicking on them and moving your mouse.  Pieces do not need to be rotated to fit together.  When you have pieces that match (and your computer’s sound turned up), the “click” confirms their joining.  Enjoy!

» More free online jigsaw puzzles at thejigsawpuzzles.com/


This latest mess started when I lost my password. Then I found it and upgraded WordPress…and lost the ability to edit pages. Uninstall…reinstall…uninstall…reinstall…repeat. At least with this version, I can type in a content box. Time will tell just how far I can get with recreating “Changing Woman Stories.”

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